In Beirut, you constantly lose yourself in a city that is mired in endless transformations and re-inventions, forever belonging to an era of transition. Beirut’s cityscape is an arrangement of miscellaneous architecture and broken neighborhoods, always reminding us of its destructive nature.

Impermanence is a series of vases made of abandoned pieces and material scraps. The purpose of their use is to give a second life to what was meant to be forgotten. It represents our attachment to what is ephemeral. This collection is a reminder that everything around us is in perpetual metamorphosis and subject to decay and destruction. A reminder that nothing is permanent but change. The brief cycle of life of the flowers thriving in these vases symbolizes the fleeting existence of our reality.


Seven concrete cylinders were collected around construction sites and each one underwent different experimentations and transformations and complemented with a variety of materials. Each piece has her own story and only knows how to carry a flower her own way.

Materials: concrete cylinders (collected from construction sites), brass, walnut wood, textile, wicker, glass.

Collectable pieces available at the Sursock Museum Boutique in Beirut and on Adorno.