Quantum is the story of how I found a happy medium, the fruit of my very first experimentations with pottery and the beginning of a larger collection. The idea was to explore the vast world of a very ambiguous and unpredictable material that offers infinite possibilities in terms of form, function and treatment. My approach to clay was more architectural rather than traditional and organic. I found the combination of planned constructions with accidental reactions of the material to be interesting. There is so much beauty in seeing a material behave, have a life of its own and most of all, to accept it with all its imperfections.

The constructions of the pieces were made progressively; combining wheel turning and hand-building techniques. The repetitive modules and lines are inspired by brutalist architecture and the terra-cota’s raw and natural feel makes a satisfying interaction with human skin.

Special thanks to my teacher Fadi Ksheik for teaching and guiding me through the whole process.

Material: baked red and white clay.