For WallpaperSTORE* x House of Today

MEG is a pick-up stick game that is reinterpreted in heavier and nobler materials. The project was born out of a feeling of nostalgia and the memory of a simpler time. While recreating it to make it appealing to a wider audience, the purpose was to bring back to life an old game.
It is packaged in a box that is designed to be displayed in a home, in order to invite guests to interact with it and therefore each other.
The metal sticks ages and reacts with time, as memories build around the game because it was left untreated to make the product more human and alive. 

Available in three finishes:
. Polished stainless steel with sand-blasted stripes
. Polished brass with sand-blasted stripes
. Brushed brass with black powder-coated stripes (only available on WallpaperSTORE*)

Paola Sakr MEG Mikado silver
Paola Sakr MEG Mikado gold