The human brain is bifurcated down the middle into two areas:
The right side is fluid; the left side is the solid;
The right is creative while the left is pragmatic;

Landscape vs. physics;
Arts vs. law;
Spontaneous and intuitive vs. logical and analytical;
Feelings vs. reason;

The left brain is represented with a thick, raw engine; while the right brain is symbolized by the natural live ivy.

Since both sides are linked and required to be whole,
Since the mind is a delicate balance that feeds the soul,
When one hemisphere is damaged, the other one is destroyed;

When the ivy is torn, the engine falls apart,
reminding us that we are constantly searching for opposites to find our balance.

The aim of this project was to create a meaningful composition formed by three indispensable elements that are all set together and are each required for the object to exist.
The initial purpose was to develop an art installation with the same principles we follow while designing a product: each element is essential and justified, giving no room for unnecessary elements and unjustified aesthetics.